Thursday, April 17, 2008


I am so proud of myself.
I have been feeling so good.
I have finally kicked this head cold thing and/or allergies that I have had since February.
The weather is finally beautiful. AND I walked two days in a row!

Yesterday I went and walked for 20 whole minutes while the Kid was in school. And then today I met a friend at a nice park that has a path and walked with her for about 30 minutes. Then the kids got to go crazy in the park. It was a blast.

I am going to try really really hard to keep up this momentum and keep walking at least 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week. I'll spill, I was about 180 when I started my 1st pregnancy and I started out this pregnancy 20 pounds heavier than I did the first time at a whopping 200. And I can't kid myself, that isn't baby weight at all. When the Kid was around 7 months old I started going to the gym and running almost everyday. I lost 30 pounds in 3 months, I got to about 170. And I wasn't even watching what I was eating. But then the warm weather rolled around, I got bored with the monotony of the gym. I kept telling myself I'd go run outside. Then it got hotter and I got lazier. That 30 pounds came creeping back up on me in the last 3 years. Now you know why there have been no belly shots. Maybe when the belly is more tight and looks like I am pregnant and don't just have a huge beer gut, I may take a couple pics...maybe.

I even joined a great running class a couple years ago and started running again, doing a few 5K's and lost a little, not much because I didn't run enough between classes, and I didn't watch what I ate. I did join and for about a month around my 30th birthday (Jan. '07) I tracked everything I put into my mouth, and lost 10 lbs in that month. And I wasn't even doing any exercise. Can you imagine what I could look like if I had a little more self-discipline by eating well and exercising? ...well, I know you can't see me, but you know what I mean. Then the tracking of food online got very time consuming. And I stopped. And those 10 lbs came back too. ugh.

After this baby is born, I am going to try weight watchers. I've never done it before. I have never heard of a failure, unless the person let it be a failure. Anyone I know that has actually followed the program and stuck with it has lost weight. I am going to get back into running and I just pray I can stick with it. I know I would do so much better with a partner. I know my friend the Modern Matriarch wants to try out a 5K and I am hoping we can do one together next spring. :) It really is so much better to get out there when you have support.

One of my long term goals...maybe in 2012 or 2013...I would love to do the 1/2 marathon in Disney. There, I said it, it's in writing. Someone needs to email me 5 years from now and ask if I did it. And I hope I can say YES!

Let me know some of your long term goals? Do you have any? Short term? Think about it.


Sherry said...

Your goals aren't impossible and oh I do admire you for the walking and I believe you will stay with it.
I have never tried weight watchers so I am no help to you there.
I really don't have any goals, sad huh? Haha guess at my age, it's just getting up each morning and not having any more aches and pains!!!

AndreAnna said...

Weight watchers is great. It made me batty after awhile but it truly does teach you portion control. I lost 75 pounds on my own, and the last 40 or so though WW. Then got pregnant and gained it all back. Then lost it all again. Then got pregnant again. ANd I'm already 30 pounds up. Sigh.

I know I'll lose it again. Just sucks to gain it back.

And I am totally on board with the running thing. Wish you lived a bit closer! We could train at the reservoir.

Kellie said...

Jimmy did WW and lost 75 pounds. He fell off the WW wagon--said he got bored with it. But, it DOES work.

I try to walk everyday after dinner. I've never been to the gym--I'm far too insecure to be sweating next to a hot blonde in a skimpy pair of shorts and a barely-cover-her-boobs sports bra.