Monday, April 21, 2008

Love me some Tivo

Yesterday was a pretty uneventful day. I made the Hubby go to our storage place and get my bike and the Kid's bike seat, our helmets, my lock, etc... and we went for a bike ride. I took the Kid down to the playground on the beach *brrrr* and he had a blast, of course. At least we had jackets and jeans on this time.
I figure I have a few more weeks of bike riding. The danger of riding while pregnant (especially with a kid on the back of the bike) is the loss of balance. I actually have very good balance. I had no problem riding. It was my legs hitting my little belly that I have that was obnoxious. So, I am going to have Hubby raise the seat a little so my legs don't go too high.
I can't wait to ride with the new baby next spring. I am hoping by then the Kid can ride his own bike and doesn't get too jealous that the baby is in his bike seat with mommy.

I couldn't sit and type this last night because it was was Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters night! Love them both. I normally Tivo them every week, but since we have moved Hubby hasn't hooked it up yet. We picked out that iO package where cable, phone and internet all come through the cable company...yes that OBNOXIOUS commerical with the 1/2 nekkid people on the beach singing the phone number (I HATE that commercial- if you don't know what I am talking about, consider yourself lucky). So anyway, Tivo needs to be hooked up through a phone line...a phone line we don't have. Hubby has to take time to figure out how to hook up the phone cable to the Tivo. Time he does not have since my grandparents are coming home from Florida in 2 weeks! WAY EARLY! We still have so much work to do upstairs, by 'we' I mean Hubby, of course. I will take some pics of the progress and post at a later date.
But lord I love my Tivo. I don't know how I lived without it before, and I hate not having it now.

I think this post is pretty much boring bable this morning. Sorry for that. :)


AndreAnna said...

I wish I could ride my bike. But I am sure, like 100% sure, I would fall.

Sherry said...

Bike riding is fun and hey good exercise too. I am sure your little one will be so proud riding his own bike, he won't be jealous of the new baby.
I dvr Brothers & Sisters cause at 10pm every night hubby and I Wii bowl, cant' skip that!!!!
I will be fun having your grandparents there, hope the weather is fine and your hubby gets things ready in time.

Kellie said...

I have a hard time with balance--and I'm not pregnant :)

Can't say I have much good to say about other phone providers. But, I CAN say I love me my DVR. Without it, I'd never watch tv and that? Would suck canal water.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Don't worry, thinking about Tivo leaves me a little speechless, too. I love Tivo.

We have a trailer for our bikes and the 2-year old LOVES it. She's been riding in it since she was big enough to hold her head up unassisted. They make them big enough to seat two, just in case jealousy ends up being a problem.