Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boardwalk Rides

Today was the most beautiful day here in Jersey. Finally!

I met a couple friends at the boardwalk and the kids all went on rides. I wish I could post more, but they all have my friend's kids in them, and I don't know if I should post them for all to see, even though they are all adorable. There is even one of my Kid holding both girl's hands! My little swinger.
Here is the Kid on the Nemo fish:

Here he is on the swings:

And here he is swimming in the sand:

Notice he had a hat on most of the day. I am so afraid his poor little scalp is going to get burned now that he has no hair!

It better not get cold again, because I have summer fever now and I am dying to go back to the beach.


Sherry said...

Summer, did you say summer? Dang waaaaaaaaaaaaay out here in WA it's still chilly!! GRRRR I want sun, blue sky, HOT HOT HOT
Love the pictures, swimming in the sand is my favorite!!!
Please send some summer my way???

CMB said...

Love the PP boardwalk. I have many of the same pix of David...too funny. Glad to hear you had a nice day. It has been beautiful. I hear it will be cold again this weekend. Sucks.