Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Champion

As I am sitting here eating a late dinner of cheese steak w.mozz cheese and sauce (YUM!) I will give a run down of my day.
It was a really really nice morning. We went to another 5K that hubby was helping and they had kid races this time. The Kid ran in the 2-3 yr old group (about a 25 yard dash) and kicked some ass. OK, I know they all get a ribbon that says 1st place, but my kid really was in 1st place! I have proof...

The kid in the middle in the blue shirt is running like the dickens...that's the Kid. Blew all the others away! I can't wait until next year. He is going to do some 1 mile races. He loved it. And loved his little ribbon. It is proudly displayed on the coffee table hanging from Lofty's hook (from Bob the Builder). He is too funny.

Then it rained and then it rained and then it rained. Seriously, it rained 3 times today. In between each time the sun came out and I thought it was over and a little while later it'd start up again. And since it was so nice out this morning, I had left my drivers side window wide open..... oops.


AndreAnna said...

We had a great day outside yesterday morning too!

Do you know of any 5K's in October/November?

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

Nothing like photographic proof of the tyke winning it all.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I can't even imagine a race with a bunch of toddlers. That had to be hysterical!

Yay! for really first first place!