Sunday, April 27, 2008

Random Stuff Sunday

- I finally got new jeans at Target! You pregnant people, you know how hard it is to find freaking clothes that fit. Especially if you are in the XL range. I was down to 3 pairs of jeans. One pair is brand new from Motherhood with that amazing secret fit belly that magically smooths out your whole belly, but...I just bought a regular pair. I had no idea that I needed a petite! These could fit a 6 foot woman, seriously, I am no taller than 5'3". They drag on the floor or I have to cuff them and there is about a 4 inch cuff. They need a hem. But I couldn't loose them yet to get them done, no, because my other two pairs of jeans are from my 1st pregnancy, 4 YEARS ago. And since I have worn my maternity clothes 3 other friends have also worn them! One pair is still way too big for the belly yet and the others just wore through between my thighs and now I have a hole between my legs. Classy.

- Last night I went to Target to get a gift card for the Kid's friends Birthday party this morning. I snuck...yes, snuck, since I went after dinner ALONE and told Hubby all I had to do was run in and get a gift card and then feed my mom's cats. I waddled to the back of the store to the 4 racks of maternity clothes and grabbed a pair of jeans in 2 sizes, tried them on and got one! YEA! The little things that make us happy. :)

- And on my way from Target to my mom's I needed to get gas. Holy CRAP! Gas prices are seriously pissing me off. I remember when it cost me $10 to fill my little '86 Jetta in college....all 14 gallons of it. Now, I have a '98 Jetta, same size tank and it cost me $39!!!!!! And that was only 11 gallons!!!! I almost had a heart attack. Unfortunately, I made a decision 3 months ago to continue bringing the Kid to his nursery school near where we used to live that he LOVES 2 days a week a half an hour away. Thank goodness there are only 13 days left.

- This morning at 9:30 AM, yes quite early for a birthday party, we went to this awesome bounce place. They had a ton of bouncing things, slides and an obstacle course. I couldn't get many good shots of the Kid since he just didn't stop moving, but I got a top and a bottom of a slide. The rest are blurry as heck.

- On the way home from the birthday party today, we stopped at the March of Dimes walk to see a good friend of mine who walks every year for her babies and the Kid and his girlfriend (who also goes to school with him) had a blast with the Gymboree people and the parachute that they had there.

Can I go take my nap now? It has been a long weekend.


AndreAnna said...

Good thing I napped for you.

Sherry said...

you have had a busy day!!!! Glad you found jeans too. It's always good when you make a discovery like that huh?
Your son is totally adorable, that smile, priceless!!!!