Friday, September 19, 2008

Baby Update - No Baby yet...

Well, as you can see since I am not a lucky one that has a blackberry (seriously, SO jealous of thos eof you who do!!) I am sitting at home on the computer.

We did get to see a shadow of his little face on the ultrasound yesterday, which was so cool.
The fluid level is still in the normal range, low normal, but normal. Nothing they were alarmed about. And the weight, they say, will be plus or minus a pound away from 7.11!! Holy crap. This baby could be anywhere from 6.11 to 8.11 a pound or 3 pounds bigger than the Kid. Crazy. Wish that could be more accurate. At least he should be at least more than 6 1/2 pound, so I am happy about that.

So, because of the normal fluid and normal size of the baby the nurse practitioner left it up to me if I wanted to be induced. I really don't want to unless I need to, so I passed and see what happens this weekend. I go back Monday at 1:15 if I don't go over the weekend. They didn't check me internally yesterday, but will Monday and re-check the fluid. If the fluid goes down, since it is already on the lower normal end, I will probably go into the hospital Monday. Especially since my cervix has already been going on its own for almost 2 weeks. So it's all the waiting game. I HATE not knowing!! LOL!

Send some birthing vibes my way!


AndreAnna said...

You can't go into labor this weekend because I'll be away all night in Philly and won't be able to update your blog. So I choose Monday. LOL

Sherry said...

Okay the vibes are heading your way ( sorry andreanna :) ) I know you are anxious for this lil guy to make his entrance and soon it will be over. This baby watch is so exciting for me!! Happy Working Mom is being induced now, and I am waiting for your lil one, oh I love it!!!!