Tuesday, September 9, 2008

No Show and Tell for You!

This morning I was a bad mommy. The Kid asked me if he could bring something in for 'show & tell' I told him no, he can't bring toys to school. I was never told that they have freaking 'show & tell' every.day. Oops. So, my poor Kid didn't have anything. And it's not like he will blend into the class of 12...nooooooo, today there are only the 5 kids there. I feel so bad I told him no. To get me back I am sure he is going to want to bring in his toy handcuffs tomorrow.

Here is one pouty picture that I meant to post yesterday, but forgot. It was the first picture I took before all the happy ones sitting there on our steps. And then the next one is just minutes later in the (NEW) car happy to go to school. (He looks SO big in the seat!!)
Me thinks the pouty face is all an act!


Sherry said...

Love the "pouty" pic hahaha no matter what the pic his is adorable as all get out!!
I like the inside of your new car so how about pics of the outside!!!!!! hint hint
What no toy for show and tell??? Bring him over here, I will make sure he has one to bring every day !! :)
No matter what you are no mean mommy we all know that!! Let's just say you "spaced" this am and let it go at that!! :)

Feener said...

an icepop or lollipop will cure all

Burgh Baby said...

You have an actor on your hands. Watch out!

CPA Mom said...

my daughter has the pout down pat too. Love it!!

whenever I forget show and tell items, the teacher has the child "show and tell a story"