Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My First Contest! Guess the baby!!

Well, I was going to wait until Friday to post this. But at my OB appointment today I was checked. And I am 2cm. Not that it really means much, because people can walk around a few cm dilated for weeks. But, I wasn't dilated at all at 40 weeks with the Kid and when I went into the hospital (LATE) after about 4 hours of contractions I was only 3cm. So I really don't know what this means. I am really clueless right now. All I know is after my doc appt I walked around Babies R Us today in a panic trying to get everything I 'think' I will need! LOL!
Oh, and I am also apparently 80% effaced and at station -2 ... for all of you who know what the heck that means. But I haven't had a bit of contractions, not even Brax Hicks. Soooooo, here is my contest a bit earlier than I planned, guess away:

I asked her back in July and got permission to borrow this contest from AndreAnna that she had when she was ready to pop with baby Sawyer.

Rather than sit here wondering all day when I will have this baby, I decided to let you guys guess for a prize! So I'm going to run my very first contest. The winner gets a $25 gift certificate to Target or Barnes & Noble (your choice), which as we all know is like pure crack. (I pretty much cut and pasted most of this from the contest at AA's blog. I figured people love Target and/or B&N, so, whatthehell.)

Here are the rules: In the comment section, leave the date you think I'll give birth as well as the weight you think the he will be. You must comment...NOT email me! I know I have a few friends and family that lurk around and read me, you know who you are! ;) Leave me a comment if you want a chance at the prize! And make sure you let me know who you are and/or your email address so I can find you if you win.

The winner will be chosen by the date and the closest in weight. You can pick the same date as someone else and the closest in weight will break the tie. We all know he's a boy...so that's not part of the contest.

Hint: I gave birth to The Kid at 12 days late (due July 8, born July 20) and he was 5 lbs, 13 ounces. I realize that may mean nothing but I figured you might want to know.

Bonus: If you link back to this contest on your blog and are the winner, I'll up your prize to $30. I'll take entries until next Friday night (my due date Sept. 19th) or until I send out the alert that I'm en route to the hospital, whichever comes first.


AndreAnna said...

I'm going with September 13, 6 lbs, 6 oz.

Sherry said...

Okay let me guess:
Birthdate Sept 17th
weight 6lbs 2 ozs
Oh yeah should I happen to win, the $ you would put in a gift cert, instead buy yourself something or the baby something k?

Jennifer said...

September 22 (sorry, kiddo...I was at 3 cm for 2 1/2 weeks with Bobby), 6lb 8 oz.

Jess said...
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beach mama said...

Jess...I am re-posting you w/o the Kid's name...silly girl.

September 24th, 6 pounds 9 ounces is my guess. And again, to reiterate what Jen said, I was 2 cm from 37 weeks until she was induced at 41 weeks :( Sorry...I hated it to when people told me that, but it helped me to not get my hopes up! Sorry also to put you past your due date, but you were so late with the KID it's bound to happen!

Rachael said...

I think that you will deliver him on September 15th. He will be 6lbs and 12oz. Good Luck!

Monica said...

Spetember 19th..it's an important day to me, so it would be great for it to continue as a good day, rather than a memory. 8'4 is the weight.

Monica said...

sorry september...i can't spell at night

CPA Mom said...

Let's see. Date: September 20th 'cause I was one day past my due date with my son.

weight: 7 lbs. even.

CPA Mom said...

I tweeted your contest on twitter.com (CPAMom)

Chrissy said...

I think September 21, weight 6 lbs, 2 oz. How exciting to be so close though!