Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Beach Wednesday - Hurricane's a'comin

Today we spent what will probably be our last day at the beach this summer. (Unless I can squeeze in a couple hours in the afternoon tomorrow or Friday, it's supposed to get cool and rain all weekend.) It was a hot breezy day and gorgeous!! A friend of mine came over from Philly with her 5 year old daughter and we spend hours playing in the sand...well the kids were in the sand, my ass didn't get up from my chair. My friend was SUCH a great sport. She went down to the water's edge everytime the kids wanted to go and let me sit my ass on my chair. Of course, she was super paranoid that I could go into labor at any moment. LOL! She doesn't do real well in an emergency...her words, not mine!

Unfortunately, the kids really couldn't go in the ocean today since the hurricane is coming. Much to the happiness of my paranoid friend. She didn't have to worry about them getting pulled away in a rip tide when they barely put much more than their toes in. It was really rough and since it's past Labor Day there were no lifeguards.

We had a yummy dinner at the place right there on the pier, walked around on the boards. My friend is obsessed with the claw games, but couldn't get anything. The rides were closed (they were only open 12-6 so we missed them) but the line for the ice cream place was a mile long. So we went to another place that I have been going to since I was a kid and it was oreo....mmmmmmm. Of course, that could have been the reason the baby was tweaking until 1am and I couldn't get comfortable and fall asleep. Ooops.

The Kid starts school on Monday. Friday we have a meeting with his teacher. Oh and it's my turn at the dentist tomorrow. ICK!
That's my friend and her daughter....all the way by the water on the left side.


Sherry said...

Wow sad to know your beach days are numbered huh?
I hope you all don't get the strength of that hurricane. I will be thinking of you and worried about you!!
Love the pictures on all your post by the way!!! I neglected to mention that in one of my comments, sorry :(

Caffeine Court said...

I rescheduled my daughters party because of the tropical storm.

Where are you? I live in Rumson.

CMB said...

I long to be your neighbor - not in a stalking kind of way - but I so love the beach! I think your friend is sweet for letting you un-lax ;)
I hope you don't get hit real hard this weekend. I'll be thinking of you.