Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back at Home

Well, I am back home. No hospital for me today (yet). The doctor said everything still sounds good (his heartbeat, my BP, etc). I told him about my back pain, swelling and how uncomfortable I am and he said if I wanted to be induced on Friday I could. I really don't want to do that unless absolutely necessary, only if the baby really needs to start coming out for whatever reason. So, he made an appointment for Friday for a sonogram to check for size and water level and go from there. Especially since the Kid was so tiny.

But, I am progressing nicely. I am now 3 cm, 90% effaced, but still at station -2. Which, like I said before, is really weird for me. I was in labor for hours before I got to the hospital with the Kid and at that point I was at 3cm. I like getting a third of the way to labor with out the contractions this time! LOL!

Tonight I am going to go out to see "The Women" with some girlfriends of mine. I can't wait! It's a nice and early movie (7pm) so I shouldn't fall asleep. hahhahaa

Don't forget to enter my first contest before the baby decided to come out!!


Sherry said...

An appt on Fri, you aren't going to make it cause you need to have the baby on the 17th which my dear is TOMORROW!!! :) Remember I want to win the contest!!!!!!!!
Glad you appt went well and hey let us know how you like the movie, it's looks funny as heck.

Caffeine Court said...

That is so exciting. There are two newborn babies on my street and they are so sweet!

Tranny Head said...

I'm sending you "go into labor" vibes! Hang in there - those last few days of pregnancy are THE ABSOLUTE WORST!

CMB said...

I am a few days late - maybe the baby is here! Either way, hang in there and good luck!