Friday, September 19, 2008

Go Comment w/Cass for a GREAT Cause!

Please go over here!!! Cass started by donating $3 for every comment on THIS blog post and her husband's job and her mom have matched it and upped the amount to $9 a comment!! All the money will be going to breast cancer research!!! Please go over there and just drop her a comment. Tell her your story, tell her you came from here, tell her a good joke, tell her a great baby tip you doesn't matter, just go over there and tell her you support her and am proud of her, like I am, that she is doing this! As of this post she is up to 45 comments....keep it going up! :)

And yes, I am still here waiting for my sonogram appointment. I think if everything is still ok with him being nestled safely in my womb then I can hold out another week (NO more than that!) and wait. Mostly I have been more worried about where I will be when I go into labor and where the Kid will be. I have been too worried about childcare. It's amazing how much I worry about that. But I know I have my mom, my MIL, my grandmother AND my step-mom waiting in the wings and will drop whatever they are doing (even leave work) and come get him. I am not as crampy today and my back is a little better. So maybe my body is relaxing for the moment.
I also have an appointment scheduled for Monday for a non-stress test if I make it through the sonogram fine and through the weekend without going into labor. We are still in a holding pattern.


CMB said...

I will be posting and sending you good wishes!

CPA Mom said...

Waiting to hear about your sonogram!! It wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit if you had the baby tomorrow....:-)

Hot Mamma said...

How exciting to have a new one! Good luck with everything. Just came across your blog and thought I'd say hi!


Sherry said...

Still waiting huh? Well when he is ready to make his entrance into the world, he will let you know :)
Hope you have a relaxing weekend.