Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hoping I can Make my Massage Tomorrow!

Nothing much happening today. Just an update: Still pregnant. Still tired. Still peeing every half an hour (or more.) Feels like the baby is just breaking my hips apart when I walk, I mean waddle.

I am hoping I can make it at least through tomorrow. (Actually I am hoping I can make it through the weekend.) Not just because I don't want to have him on Sept. 11 ... but I have my pre-natal massage at a really nice spa at 9:30 after I drop off the Kid at school. I can't wait! I never had one before. Hell, the only 1 hour massage I ever had was at Sandals on my honeymoon...5 1/2 YEARS ago! Hubby gave me a gift certificate for it way back on Valentine's Day and I am FINALLY cashing it in! Nothing like waiting for the last minute, huh?

The Kid went to school and had a great time...he even ran right in the door without a look back.

Don't forget to comment on a date you think the new little man will be born for my contest! I KNOW I have more than 3 readers out there.

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Sherry said...

Okay I too hope your make it to your massage tomorrow and through the week end, in fact just hold off til the 17th so I can win the contest deal? :)
I get a massage every 2 weeks and just love it. I had never had one before and my daughter got me set up 2 yrs ago. The girl come to my house and I know now to keep her talking, and the supposedly 1/2 hr massage last close to an hour!!!
Enjoy your massage and take it easy these last few days