Monday, September 15, 2008

Still Pregnant part 3

I know you are probably getting bored of my pregnant posts, but honestly there isn't anything else going on. Since I exhausted myself at that last trip to Target the only place I am going this week is to and from the Kid's school. I even sat on my ass and finished (from start to finish in one day!) a James Patterson book today "The Quickie" ... it was GOOD!

So, Still at home. Still pregnant. Even MORE uncomfortable today.

I have my doctor appointment tomorrow (Tues) at 2. I will be bringing my packed suitcase, just in case. My back has been hurting for the last 2 days more than it has this whole pregnancy. A few friends suggested I could be in back labor. oh boy. My hands were so swollen today that it hurt to take my rings off. I still have the marks on my fingers. The heat is just not helping. It bites. Luckily tomorrow it is supposed to cool down around here and hopefully it will stay that way.

Hubby and I (and the Kid) went out to dinner tonight because I was just not up for cooking, and I wasn't in the mood for pasta. (The only thing Hubby cooks. lol) The whole time we were sitting there I was feeling SO uncomfortable. But I think it's because he is so low and has dropped so much and was moving around and punching things that he couldn't reach before. But I had my favorite petite filet mignon with mozz cheese on top at one of my favorite places in town. Heaven.

I have invited AndreAnna to be a guest poster here so I can txt her when I am on my way to give birth and she can update all you guys. It sucks that I don't have a laptop or internet on my phone. But now I won't get the roll of the eyes from the paranoid husband if I sit here on the computer while I am going through contractions. Which I totally would have done. But just in case this goes quicker than my first, I can just txt in the car and not worry that you my friends will be out of the loop. :)


Sherry said...

Oh sorry you are feeling so uncomfortable, it has to be so hard, but keep your chin up and know your son is so worth it!!! Almost time for someone else to hold him, so keep strong and I am so glad you have lined up a "guest poster"
Hope today is a bit cooler for you and you can get some relief. Read another book and pamper yourself, you deserve it.

CPA Mom said...

How well I remember those last days! Here's hoping your appt. today goes well and you get to go have your little baby!! Yeah!!!

Catwoman said...

Those last days are ALWAYS miserable, hence why I'm not too disappointed that at 38 weeks, they're getting the baby out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get good news at your Dr.'s appointment!