Thursday, September 18, 2008

Q: Any baby yet?

A: Nope, I'm still sitting here.

Although, I have been feeling a little crampy all day. Off and on. Nothing steady or really painful. And it's not my whole belly, just really low. So, who knows. I am hoping he comes along this weekend. If I am still crampy tomorrow when I go for my sonogram I may take my doc up on his offer to induce. I don't know. I am very wishy washy about the whole idea.

When I had the Kid I was 12 days late. I ended up going into labor on my own on a Monday night... about 22 hours later had him on Tuesday night, and I was supposed to go in and be induced that Wednesday morning. They did give me pitocin to move me along, but I was already on some pretty good meds after I got checked into the hospital so I really didn't know the difference.

Wish me luck and I will keep you posted! :)

Oh and "The Women" was a cute little chick flick. I think if it was a bunch of no-name actresses it would have been 'eh'. But because there were a lot of familiar faces it was pretty good. I wouldn't have paid for the movie though. (A friend of mine has a card that she can get 2 free tickets at that theater every Tues.) I would wait until you are home with some girlfriends and a few glasses of wine and some cheese and rent it for a girls night in.
The theater was PACKED! We were in the 2nd row. There was nowhere else that had 5 seats together. It was mostly full of women...there were a scattered amount of men that seemed to have been dragged there by their significant others...except for the two men that were sitting in front of us. That was pretty funny.
I was cringing a little at the birthing scene at the end! LOL!


AndreAnna said...

If it makes you feel any better, I was induced both times and I kinda liked it because everything was s controlled. The pain meds were on board before the pain could even really come. I never felt very strong contractions this last time at all. Until the end when the epidural ran out and it was more like unbearable pressure than contractions. I recommend not letting that happen. :)

Sherry said...

Well buggers, can I change my guess? tee hee jk!!!
The last few days seem the longest huh? Soon you will have your son in your arms!!!
I will net flix the movie like I do all the other. Gotta love net flix!!!

CMB said...

Thinking of you and hoping you go on your own. I was late with both of mine and went on my own. Good luck! Can't wait to see your new addition!