Monday, September 8, 2008

First Day of Pre-School

So, I have FINALLY downloaded all of my pictures (all 380+) from my camera into my computer. The first ones were from the beginning of June! I really needed to do it asap since i only had room for about 25 more pictures in my not enough to take of the baby to come!

I waited until after I took the pics for the Kid's first day of school. It went really well. He was still a little clingy, but he didn't cry! I am so proud. Of course, we'll see about tomorrow. He is going 5 days a week this year. So I anticipate a few tears every once in a while.
He said he had such a fun time in school. The playground was his favorite. He doesn't remember any other kids names in his class, or anything else he did, but I guess I need to get used to that! hahaha!
His class is M-F...but only some of the kids are 5 days they rest are MWF. So Tuesday & Thursday he will be in a class of only about 5 kids. Which I am very happy about. With a teacher and an aide they will get much more one on one attention and get to do a lot more
On our front steps in the morning waiting to go.
Running out of school very determined to go home!

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Sherry said...

He is absolutely adorable and looks so anxious to get to school, then hahaha even more anxious to get home. I just love that lil face, so cute. Okay handsome, cause he's all decked out for school and is very very "handsome" Glad there were no tears today for you.