Monday, September 22, 2008

Still Pregnant part 4

Everything is still looking good. Fluid? check. heart rate? check. NST (non-stress test)? check. My blood pressure? check.

Still 3cm and 90% effaced. That Saturday night of those darn Brax Hicks didn't do a thing to loosen that stuff up.

SO, here's where I am. IF I don't go on my own this week I will be going in at the crack of dawn on Friday morning to be induced at 41 weeks.

He is so nice and comfy in there. Why do my babies just don't want to come out on time? Am I going to have the boys that will live at home forever and I will never get them to move out?? LOL!

AA is still on standby for the txt messages I'll send her and keep you all updated for the big day. I'll even have my camera phone so I can send her pics! Stay tuned for cute newborn of these days this week.


Feener said...

sex and eggplant will move it along.

Catwoman said...

Have you tried spicy food?

At least now you had a deadline, so that's good!!! Try to stay as comfortable as you can during those last few days!